Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

The phrase which has its disputed origin between two separate ideas, without question does date back to 1661, in the end is all about determining how best to pay for something that you don’t have the monies for.  In 2019, the greatest example of this is our credit card debt that businesses use to survive, […]

Switching from a LLC/Sole Proprietor to a SubChapter S Corporation

Recently someone inquired about starting a Subchapter S Corp from their sole proprietorship, so I developed a list of key questions to ask them, as they were just told this is what they should do from someone they knew.  Instead of just doing it automatically, I wanted to make sure they understood some of the […]

Are Rental Property Investments Worthwhile?

How Should They Be Set-Up Tax-Wise? Speaking with several multi-rental property owners over the years, there’s just a multitude of options that people choose and each one is always dependent upon what a person or persons chooses to pursue.  However, each route has its own benefits and challenges, so we’re going to look at some […]

Are Rental Property Investments Worthwhile?

Are Losses Your End Game? There are all types of seminars, self-help programs to eliminate your tax liability, but the real question is are you going to be tax compliant?  This all depends upon various factors you need to consider because you know the IRS isn’t going to make it easy for people to not […]

Are Rental Property Investments Worthwhile?

Where’s the Profit Numerous first-time rental property investors often make some bad management decisions, because nothing replaces experience in what you’re trying to accomplish venturing into a new field that you don’t have the ability to make informed choices.  One of the worst challenges is though that people have the misleading idea that as soon […]

Are Rental Property Investments Worthwhile? Tax Deductions

There’s no such thing easy “mailbox money” because there’s always some type of risk and work involved to achieve it, despite what a lot of real estate gurus will tout on their infomercials.  Rental property investments are no different, because like life, it’s all about the risk in what measures you’re looking to take to […]

The $10,000 Amazon Deal (Or No Deal)

Amazon recently expanded their appeal to employees regarding their Delivery Partner Service Program because they’re trying to stay ahead of the curve in delivering your packages from 2 days down to 1, refusing to give into competitors’ ability to compete for your desire to get that package even sooner than the normal wait time.  What […]

Lust for a Balance in Business Success

It’s amazing that business owners and employees feel that they can’t stop working so much because they are afraid of not succeeding, providing for their family, worrying about every little problem, but forgot how to enjoy what they’re doing. Many people have come through this to where they give up their entire life to figure out […]

Envious of Those Taxpayers Paying Pennies on the Dollar?

Not everything is what it seems, and there’s a lot of options out there that are available but not always possible because there are rules for each scenario.  Here are five such avenues. Tax Debt Under $50,000.00 For unpaid balances of less than $50,000 which include interest and penalties, there’s a streamlined installment agreement option […]

Pigs Get Fed, Hogs Get Slaughtered

Gluttony is not applicable when you look at the rules set-up when it comes to the IRS, and currently there are 74,608 pages in the U.S. Tax Code, so some may say that the tax code covers greed well enough.  However, there are many areas that cover a lot of overlap, likely some misguided or […]