Business Classes for Body-Workers

Learn More to Earn More

Current Continuing Business Education for:

 LMT’s, Estheticians, Cosmetologists, and other Body-Worker Industry Professionals

Each class has been approved for 3 hours of Massage Therapy Continuing Education

License Number CE1731

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Hidden Financial and Tax Issues for the Body-Worker (Recorded Webinar Coming Soon!)

Objective 1 – What are the three areas of being an independent contractor versus an employee?

Objective 2 – What forms/sample agreements are used for independent contractors?

Objective 3 – Completing W-9 Forms and receiving 1099’s when working with physicians/medical clinics.

Objective 4 – Tracking IRS Form Schedule C income and expenses

Objective 5 – Understanding self-employment tax and estimated quarterly tax payments

Employee vs Independent Contractor: The Body-Worker (Recorded Webinar Coming Soon!)

Objective 1 – Defining what constitutes an employee versus independent contractor.

Objective 2 – Tracking taxable income from receipts and tip sheets.

Objective 3 – IRS mileage deduction versus automobile percentage deduction

Objective 4 – As an employee, what options you have regarding deducting non-reimbursable employee expenses.

Objective 5 – A review of suggested standard deductions and how they should be classified.

Additional Revenue Streams for Body-Workers (Recorded Webinar Coming Soon!)

Objective 1 – Promoting and selling holistic products.

Objective 2 – Development of additional holistic services for health and wellness.

Objective 3 – Sales tax and how it affects your business.

Objective 4 – Introduction of billing auto and health insurance.

Setting-Up and Maintaining Your Body-Worker Business (Recorded Webinar Coming Soon!)

Objective 1 – What type of legal entities can I set up in Texas?

Objective 2 – Defining what constitutes a business deduction in your practice.

Objective 3 – Determining what insurance is required.

Objective 4 – What federal and state tax return(s) are required and when to file.

Objective 5 – Processes for closing your business in Texas.