Why is Education to QuickBooks® Users so Important to Us?

Without Education We Have Nothing to Fall Back On

Our focus of not only educating our clients but also our class students a major reason why Bookkeeping-Results, LLC, was formed several years ago.  We simply saw too many businesses fail because they weren’t adequately prepared in how to run their business, which is why feel the need to make it our mission to educate as many people as possible.

Dr. Jerry Daniels, of Daniels Educational Consulting, reviews every piece of educational material that we present to our students, because we believe in maintaining not only core content but also our integrity to present the best information to our audience.

Why is our classes only 3 hours per session?
B.F. Skinner, a leading educator whose teachings still are used in today’s classroom for over 80 years, determined the average student is unable to study for more than 4 hours per day consecutively.

What is the teacher/student ratio?
We schedule no more than 10 students per class, to allow proper time for everyone involved to maximize their learning experience.

What is the typical course schedule?
To avoid fatigue and boredom, while maximizing the transfer of material into your long-term memory, we offer two 10-minute breaks during each program.

What about the course materials?
While working through a copy of the course work, you will not only receive numerous visuals and e-mail links, but also step-by-step review sections on what you’ve learned from each objective.

What happens after the course?
Upon completion of the course you will receive a review quiz via e-mail of 10 additional real-life scenario questions with answers, to help reinforce your learning experience between 3-4 weeks at the completion of the course without charge.

Registration Questions

How can I register?
Because our classes are small, we encourage you to register as soon as you’re available to commit in order to avoid being locked out of a course. Simply click on the registration links on our QuickBooks® Training page for the class you’re interested in and it will walk you through the process and on your way to business success.

If I need special accommodations during a live on-site training, what should I do?

All classes are handicap accessible, and should you need additional assistance, please notify us more than 14 calendar days before the date of the class. Any requests made with less than 14 calendar days will be accommodated to the best of our abilities.

What is the best attire for me to wear during a live on-site training?
Wear comfortable clothing that is considered appropriate for your workplace.