Change Sometimes Just Sucks

Everyone learns to adapt to change but unfortunately, we go kicking and screaming because we’re either not interested in it or just feel that there’s nothing wrong with the way things are so why do it.  Businesses are always asking how they can get more clients or sell more products, but they don’t want to change how they’re doing it or trying to focus on a potential niche market.

Examples such as: Sears, Kodak, MySpace, Blockbuster, and Commodore Computers are but a few businesses that were so successful in their day and so ingrained in society until they just slowly started fading away over time, although some are still hanging on by a thread in today’s market.  There is plenty of blame to go around, but it boils down to a failure to change to what people wanted.  Remember there’s always another business ready to take over your spot.

Selling Yourself

I recently looked at utilizing Yelp as an advertiser, but before I could determine if it was a worthwhile investment, they were expecting me to go ahead and sign up.  To date I still haven’t because after looking at other people in the same categories, what I was interested in was doing QuickBooks® training, but they didn’t have an option so it had no benefit to me.

How much time is spent on research as to whether an advertisement option is worthwhile, and if you move forward what’s the timeline to end it if it’s just not making a difference except decreasing your bank account.  When was the last time you shopped your competitor to see what they offer versus what you do and was it a worthwhile look to start offering something similar?  What type of relationship do you have with your clients to ask them about what they’re happy and not happy with?

People Don’t Always Succeed at Selling Time and Attitude Well

Many clients have told me they have Product A or Product B that they sell, but the only way to sell those things is how they utilize their time to not only making them but promoting their sale. It’s not easy having a work/life balance, and it’s necessary for everyone to increase their productivity without getting burned out, but that still means going beyond an 8-5 Monday – Friday routine, looking forward to that vacation or long holiday weekend, and just settling for what comes from that regular paycheck.  If that person is wanting something better then it’s a matter of changing how they think, how they feel, and how they look at life.

Earlier this week I got great news about my health, as I’d been hating the fact some time ago, I needed to change my outlook with what I was eating, doing exercising, as well as concentrating on myself more than others around me.  Well I went to a favorite Houston restaurant that I hadn’t been to for several months, ordered my usual meal, and my body let me know right away and for several hours afterwards I can’t do this anymore.  Although physically I was doing better, I needed to change my outlook to realize I can’t go back to the way things were.  It’s all a trade-off – do I want to work on living longer or just enjoy the moment and take my chances later.  Do you want to see your business grow further or close it before you’re ready.

Dwayne J. Briscoe