What Do You Need to Succeed?


  • QuickBooks® & Controller-CFO Financial and Loan Reporting
    • Company File Set-Up
    • Company File Clean-Up
    • File Conversion to QuickBooks®
    • Training and Periodic Monitoring
    • Payroll Set-Up and Service
  • Tax Preparation Services
    • Filing Back Tax Years Returns
    • Amending Previous Years Tax Returns
    • Corporate, Partnership, and Self-Employed Tax Returns (Forms 1120, 1120S, 1065 and Schedule C, Texas Franchise Tax)
    • Tax Return Reviews by Other Tax Preparers
    • IRS Tax Notice Responses and Appeal Letter Resolutions
  • Business Entity
    • Company File Set-Up both state and federal
    • EIN application
    • Sales Tax application
    • Texas State Comptroller Responses

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Costs Versus Financial Benefit

Our goal is to help our clients succeed and offer the best information possible so they can make the most informed decision.  Many business’ don’t have the ability nor need for a full-time Chief Financial Officer or Controller, but having someone who’s in your corner with that same experience and knowledge helps guide your business.

Value Pricing

We all want to save money, and the do-it-yourself model will always be available but at what cost because everyone’s time has a dollar value attached to it, including our clients.  What we’ve found beneficial is looking at what services we can offer that benefit a client, explore either a one-time fee or a monthly budget agreement so they know what to expect with no hidden surprises, and avoid being hit with the idea of not knowing what your bill is going to be up front.

You Are in The Business to Make Money

No one goes into business with the sole intention to lose money.  We all do it for a better life, greater control over our life, and a support system for our family.  If it was easy then everyone would be doing it, and the key to success is a proper financial advisory team helping you.

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Benjamin Franklin believed that an essential element of success was alacrity (quickness). Successful people are always doing the most productive thing for their business at any given time. We train you so you can spend far less time figuring out your finances and more time generating revenue for your business. Successful people know their numbers.

Passing the 15 year mark of doing this work and learning to adapt with all of the changes in software and tax laws, we keep striving for success, just like Ben Franklin.